The popular legend of Wing Chun Kung Fu tells the story of how this style was pioneered by a Buddhist nun from the Shaolin Temple, who passed on her skills to a young woman in China in need of a martial art to defend herself against the unwanted attention of a local gangster. The legend says, Yim Wing Chun practised for only a short amount of time before beating the man and winning her freedom from him.

The story is legendary in all lineages of Wing Chun and acts as a solid metaphor for the style. Due to its reliance on natural structural power and driving power from the ground, relaxation, borrowing your opponents force, and explosive power over muscular strength, Wing Chun allows someone of smaller stature to beat those stronger and larger than themselves. For most women wanting to defend themselves and feel safe on the street this is ideal. Female London Dating

We do not offer a quick-fix self defence course for women. Such courses may impart knowledge but they cannot give realistic skill and ability. What we offer is a safe and supportive, non-macho environment for you to train in alongside everyone else. You’ll simply be given the tools of Wing Chun, which if trained hard enough and to a high enough level will help you reach the point where you will be able to defend yourself should the need ever arise.

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