Classes are held every Monday at 79a Tottenham Court Road, Central London between 7.30pm and 9.30pm and every Wednesday in South London at Brixton Community Base, Talma Road, Brixton. We also run full day work shops every couple of months on a Saturday at our Brixton location. Private Tuition is also available.

The central London location is in easy walking distance from Goodge Street, Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street tube stations and our Brixton class is a short walk from Brixton tube and overground stations and is also within a brisk walk from Herne Hill station.

The structure of each class varies depending on the needs and levels of the students at the time but are always designed to push each student forward.

Classes are mixed, with higher level students helping beginners and also pushing each other forward depending on who they are partnered with but we also split them to allow beginners, intermediate and advanced to concentrate on areas specific to their level.

Classes cover Chi Sau, forms, one step techniques, partner-training drills, pad work and free flow fighting as well as the philosophy’s of Wing Chun and its countless other aspects.

Students at beginner level should not expect to be hit when training as good use of control is paramount amongst all students. More experienced students, however, may decide to make heavier contact when training with each other but this is always within agreed limits and respect for one another. For real street-level self defence it is important to have experience of being struck but your training partner is not a wall bag and if you beat on them too hard and too much they won’t be able to train for long.

It is important that all current and prospective students understand that we are learning a martial art as adults. We must respect each others ability. When a good teacher trains with his or her students he or she will generally train at a level just above the student’s level. The aim is to help the student improve, not to show off how good you are. The same goes for advanced students when they train with less experienced practitioners.

All students are encouraged to train in their own time too. It is important to drill the basics of Wing Chun and practice your forms at home if you want to progress.

Wing Chun is good for your health but students are expected to maintain general fitness outside of classes too as we do not have time to spend training sit ups and press ups. There is only time for Wing Chun.