The schools Chief Instructor is a closed door student of Sifu John Lobb, who visits our school yearly to give seminars in the Gary Lam Wing Chun system.

Sifu John Lobb is based in Warrington, where he is responsible for importing and teaching the full syllabus of the Gary Lam system to the UK. The website for his school can be found here. You can visit Sifu Lobb’s YouTube channel here

You can visit Sifu Gary Lam’s website here

Our school’s background in Wing Chun originated with Sifu Colin Ward and his Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

You can visit the websites of the schools in the Association here:

Leeds Headquarters 




The Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association also offers an online training school. Please visit its website for more information: WingChunOnline


Other Ip Chun Wing Chun recognised schools and associations in the UK can be found at the following websites:

Midlands Wing Chun Kuen

Elite Wing Chun

UK Wing Chun Academy

Grandmaster Ip Chun’s website can be found here


The London Ip Chun Wing Chun School also has strong connections with other schools across the country. You can visit their websites here: